Foodiejaini Journey…

There is no love sincere than the love for food…

I came across this quote in one of the eateries I recently visited in the capital, and this got me thinking, that the love for food will not leave me heartbroken unlike its bad food but a hyped place. This can be mend by eating a gallon of ice cream unlike relationships like today.

A thought popped in my mind there and then, to explore eating joints, be it big or small, new or old, narrow or wide, hyped or non-hyped and cook at home as and when I can and share it with the world at large. Food always plays a very important role in bringing people close to each other. While sharing food on the same table, people share ideas, thoughts, laughter, togetherness, observe. Can anyone ever imagine, so many emotions on one table are being experienced by people over a plate of food (…and not over a cup of coffee…haha).

While eating a meal together, be it with friends, family, colleagues, kids, helps us to create a very special and a strong bond. I believe, people who eat together, stay long in your life as the moments shared with them during those meals are priceless. Even when we do not meet people regularly, memories of sharing food always remain and this activity can never go out of order or out of style.

Exploring places and food brings in a lot of enthusiasm in me, it makes me yearn for more food and experiences and satisfaction of enjoying it (even after knowing my belly will come out…even more). But this is not going to stop me eating, hogging and gobbling delicious mouth-watering food. The food served on the plate tells a lot about the place, the culture…about the person.

Join me in my journey of exploring food and places!!